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Metamaterials Type 1

Metamaterial Type 1
D. R. Smith and S. Schultz, UCSD

Metamaterials Type 2

Metamaterial Type 2
A. K. Iyer and G.V. Eleftheriades, UoT
  • Metamaterials are engineered media that have a negative refractive index (Negative permittivity & permeability:
  • Metamaterial Properties
  • One type of realizations employs periodic lattices of metallic rods and split-ring resonators (Type 1);
  • Another type is realized by periodically loaded transmission line networks (Type 2). Such networks have negative phase velocity and are backward wave structures;
  • We have created virtual metamaterials in MEFiSTo by numerically replicating such networks using modified TLM nodes [5], [6].
  • Unlike many approaches that discretize the individual cellular building blocks of the periodic model into much smaller computational cells, MEFiSTo employs only one single computational cell per building block, thus enabling the modeling of large computational domains that comprise millions of cells.
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