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Our unique metamaterials modeling capability is now standard in all MEFiSTo-3D time domain simulators. It is fully integrated with MEFiSTo’s user-friendly interface, visualization capability and powerful modeling features. The result is an advanced computational test bed for metamaterials research and virtual prototyping. The transient and time harmonic capabilities of MEFiSTo Electromagnetic Simulators not only provide a complete range of sophisticated virtual instrumentation, but also reveal the electrodynamics of metamaterials and components in their full complexity through on-the-fly visualization.

The exceptional flexibility, speed and resolution of this modeling feature are further enhanced by MEFiSTo’s multi-threaded architecture. Applications are scaleable from DC to optical frequencies, providing sub-wavelength resolution down to the order of 1 percent, a wide range of refractive indices and intrinsic impedances, and both monochromatic as well as wide-band transient excitation and propagation.

The following gallery of virtual experiments demonstrates the new modeling features of MEFiSTo. We present canonical experiments that have been validated both analytically and experimentally by several independent researchers, confirming the realism and the veracity of the astonishing, sometimes counter-intuitive MEFiSTo simulation results.

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