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MEFiSTo-3D Pro™

Time Domain Electromagnetic CAD Tool from DC to Daylight

MEFiSTo means “Multi-purpose Electromagnetic Field Simulation Tool”. This full-wave volumetric time-domain simulator addresses the requirements of design engineers, researchers and educators working with RF/microwave/optical analog and high-speed circuits, antennas, EMC/I, RF heating and biomedical applications of electromagnetic fields. It features robust high-performance TLM numerical engines that provide second-order accuracy and have superior dispersion properties. TLM uses an unconditionally stable scattering algorithm rather than a finite difference model to solve Maxwell’s equations. Circuits & devices modeled by SPICE or MATLAB can be embedded in 2D and 3D field space. Data can be co-processed on-the-fly and visualized either in real solution time, or post-processed.

MEFiSTo is a virtual Time Domain Reflectometer, a Microwave Vector Network Analyzer, an Antenna Range, a Spectrum Analyzer, a Signal Processor, and a Video System all at once. It runs on Windows XP and higher platforms. 32-bit and 64-bit versions are available.

 MEFiSTo Capabilities

MEFiSTo-3D Pro™ is an autonomous EM CAD tool that provides, at the same time, unprecedented interconnectivity with external simulation/data processing/control software. This gives you the freedom to create your own sophisticated modeling environment and to expand the range of modeling capabilities beyond the bounds of mainstream electromagnetic solvers with restricted user access.

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Features of MEFiSTo-3D Pro™

User and System Interfaces

  1. Intuitive scalable GUI (metric and imperial)
  2. Hierarchical tree and grouping of objects
  3. Boolean operations on overlapping elements
  4. Fully parameterized and programmable
  5. Automatic brick meshing with boundary fitting
  6. Text-based geometry import and export
  7. Customized library of parameterized objects
  8. Export of all graphs, pictures and data
  9. External control through batch commands
  10. Compatible with MATLAB toolboxes (Optimization, Neural Network, Signal Processing.)
  11. On-line help facility and tutorials

Boundary Properties

  1. Perfect electric and magnetic boundaries
  2. Non-dispersive lossy and absorbing TEM boundaries
  3. Lossy conductors with wideband skin effect
  4. Wideband dispersive convolution boundaries
  5. Wideband nonlinear superconducting walls
  6. Perfectly matched absorbing layers (PML)

Material Properties

  1. Homogeneous and inhomogeneous ε and μ
  2. Isotropic and anisotropic (tensor) ε and μ
  3. Electric and magnetic conductivity loss tensors
  4. Metamaterials with negative refractive index

Excitation Sources

  1. Point and spatially distributed (modal) sources
  2. Hertz dipole and Gaussian beam sources
  3. Electric, magnetic and TLM impulse excitations
  4. Matched (soft) and imposed (hard) sources
  5. Impulse, step, Gaussian step and pulse, NEMP, Gaussian modulated sin and cos waveforms
  6. User-defined waveform specified in text format
  7. Multiple independent sources and waveforms

Data and Field Display Modes

  1. Dynamic on-the-fly data and field display
  2. Simultaneous time & frequency responses
  3. Wire mesh, 3D vector, 2D and 3D color map, 2D and 3D color contour field display
  4. S-Parameters (Magnitude/Phase & Smith Chart), Field integrals (induced voltage, current, electric and magnetic flux, power flow ) in TD and FD
  5. E-Plane waveguide frequency mapping
  6. Cartesian and polar radiation pattern
  7. Dissipated power density and SAR
  8. Capture of displays for movie creation
  9. Backward-in-time simulation mode

Numerical Solvers and Scripts

  1. 2D Shunt and Series Node TLM engines
  2. 3D SCN and GSCN TLM engines
  3. Multi-thread architecture for multiple processors
  4. Smart memory allocation feature
  5. SPICE-EM-bed and MATLAB-EM-bed features
  6. FD and TD near-to-far field transformation
  7. SPICE simulator included free of charge
  8. MATLAB scripts for optimization, neural network generation and signal processing toolboxes


  1. Conductivity, Microstrip, Waveguide
  2. Amplifier Design Computations