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Volume 5, Number 1 February 2005
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Greetings from the President Wolfgang J.R. Hoefer
  1. Free MEFiSTo-3D Nova

  2. MEFiSTo-3D Academica

  3. MEFiSTo-3D Pro Version 4.0

  4. Modeling Metamaterials

  5. Free MEFiSTo-2D Classic

  6. More News and Events

MEFiSTo-3D v. 4.0 with many innovative features released!

The hallmark of version 4.0 of MEFiSTo-3D Pro is the parameterization of the geometric modeler. Here are some of the key features that have been enabled by the parameterization:

  • The user can now define the topology of a 2D or 3D structure by entering the coordinate values of each object not only as numbers, but also as variables and mathematical expressions.
  • Dimensions and coordinates can be related to each other, allowing structures to be scaled, rotated or shifted by simply changing the values of a few key variables.
  • Variables can be controlled either by editing a net list in a text-based control window or through an imported text file generated by an external program, such as MATLAB.
  • Designable dimensions can be changed by an optimizer until the structure response meets a desired specification,
  • A structure can be controlled by an external program to create look-up tables or to train neural networks.

The following improvements have also been introduced in version 4.0:

  • A link to MATLAB has been created that allows users to embed their own devices, circuits, or networks into 3D field space. It is similar to the SPICE-EM-bed feature and allows extensive customization and multi-level simulation
  • Each object can now be displayed individually in either solid or outline mode by means of a checkbox in its dialog window;
  • Objects can be grouped in the Tree of Objects.
  • A minor bug in the 3D metamaterial modeling algorithm has been fixed;
  • Structure files in text format can now be batch processed, and the simulation content of Analyzer and Animator windows can be exported automatically in text format;
  • The Help facility of MEFiSTo has been completely revised and updated. Context-sensitive help is now available for MEFiSTo;
  • MEFiSTo has been made compliant with security features of Windows XP Service Pack 2;
  • Movies van be created by automatically capturing the content of Analyzer and Animator windows. Whenever these windows are refreshed, their content is stored in various formats (bmp, gif, png, dib, jpeg and tiff). The stored files can then be imported into the "Windows Movie Maker" or similar software for generating movies that can be played back using standard players.

Here is a list of additional outstanding features:

  • Metamaterial modeling capability;
  • Data export in Cadence Format with ability to generate equivalent SPICE circuits resulting in model order reduction;
  • Current-coupled embedding of SPICE circuits;
  • Batch processing capability from a command line and automatic export of simulation data for Neuromodeler;
  • Ability to select multiple objects in the Tree of Objects using the Ctrl and Shift keys;
  • Fill Polygon drawing tool;
  • Additional Excitation Function: Gaussian step function;
  • Saving of desktop configuration and window sizes.

I invite you to request a free demo to experiment with these exciting features, or to download the free MEFiSTo-3D Nova Simulator that has all the basic capabilities of  MEFiSTo-3D Pro. Try MEFiSTo!

Sincerely Yours,

Wolfgang J. R. Hoefer
President and CEO

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