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Volume 4, Number 4 July 2004
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Greetings from the President Wolfgang J.R. Hoefer
  1. More News and Events

  2. Modeling Metamaterials

  3. Free MEFiSTo-2D Classic

  4. MEFiSTo-2D Plus Version 3.1

  5. MEFiSTo-3D Pro Version 3.1

MEFiSTo-3D Version 3.1 has been released!

Version 3.1 features many innovative functions. One of them, the first to become available in a commercial electromagnetic simulator, is the ability to model 2D and 3D metamaterials with negative refractive index. Here is a list of the most important new capabilities of version 3.1:
  • Metamaterial modeling capability;
  • Data export in Cadence Format with ability to generate equivalent SPICE circuits resulting in model order reduction;
  • Current-coupled embedding of SPICE circuits;
  • Batch processing capability from a command line and automatic export of simulation data for Neuromodeler;
  • Automatic screen capture capability for the generation of movies;
  • Ability to select multiple objects in the Tree of Objects using the Ctrl and Shift keys;
  • Fill Polygone drawing tool;
  • Additional Excitation Function: Gaussian step function;
  • Saving of desktop configuration and window sizes.

We look forward to meeting with present and future users of MEFiSTo at the following key events this summer:
- The ANTEM 2004 Symposium in Ottawa
- The 2004 European Microwave Week in Amsterdam.
More information on these events can be found under More News and Events .... I look forward to meeting you at one of these occasions.

Sincerely Yours

Wolfgang J.R. Hoefer
President and CEO

More News and Events ....

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