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Volume 3, Number 4 September 2002
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Greetings from the President Wolfgang J.R. Hoefer
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The Links between Nonlinear Physics and Information Sciences

This is the theme of a one-week course held at the prestigious Summer School at Les Houches in the French Alps from September 8 to 13, 2002. I will present two invited 90 min. lectures on the theme "Multi-Resolution Time Domain Models of Electromagnetic Waves", which is directly relevant to the scientific foundations of the advanced algorithms that drive MEFiSTo-3D Pro. You will find information on the location and the program on the Future Events Page of this website.

MEFiSTo contains many avantgarde features that are not available in any other commercial simulator, such as

  1. "SPICE-EM-bed", which links SPICE with MEFiSTo in real time. This feature opens a cornucopia of possibilities as it links the modeling power of SPICE with that of our superb time domain field solvers.
  2. "Multi-Thread", which allows you to exploit the full power of multi-processor platforms. (We actually had to add an option to slow down the concurrent field visualization!).
  3. Wideband dispersive lossy and superconducting boundaries, which accurately model boundary losses even in transient simulations.
  4. More than a dozen other features and improvements since the last major upgrade in June 2001, including "Multi-Trace", which allows you to visualize and compare different output graphs in the same window (time responses, S-parameters, Smith Chart plots, radiation patterns, etc.).

We doubt that you will find any competing product that can offer you a comparable performance for the price.

Sincerely Yours

Wolfgang J.R. Hoefer
President and CEO
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If you require further information, please contact us at: marketing@faustcorp.com.

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