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Volume 2, Number 1 July 2000
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Greetings from the President Wolfgang J.R. Hoefer
  1. MEFiSTo-3D Nova

  2. MEFiSTo-3D Pro

At a time when many countries celebrate their national holiday, Faustus Scientific Corporation has its own cause for celebration: The new generation of MEFiSTo electromagnetic simulators is ready! Come and get them!

Some of you took the opportunity to see our simulators recently at the IMS in Boston. Now you can test MEFiSTo on your own PC. Simply request your free evaluation license with complete electronic documentation, tutorials, and example files that you can download from our website. A detailed brochure is available in electronic form as well.

Testing our MEFiSTo simulators may remind you of test-driving your favorite cars: savor their speed, accuracy, robustness, ease of handling, and their professional finish. The extensive electronic documentation, the tutorials, and the familiar “look and feel” of a lab-oriented Windows application will enable you to solve electromagnetic problems quickly with confidence.

If you have visited our website in the past, you will notice its new design; we wanted it to reflect the rich scientific tradition that inspires our modern products. Transcending the menial task of number crunching, our simulators unleash the full power of scientific knowledge and technical expertise that evolved over the past three hundred years, empowering our clients and their organization.

We at Faustus take great pride in our MEFiSTo simulators and in the professional user support that we provide to our clientele!

Sincerely Yours

Wolfgang J.R. Hoefer
President and CEO
MEFiSTo-3D Nova | MEFiSTo-3D Pro