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MEFiSTo-3D Pro™ is a full-wave electromagnetic time domain field simulator from DC to Daylight. It features several TLM engines based on Huygens' principle. It is a highly versatile tool for design, research, and education.
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• Simulation of Wave Structures
• Computational Electromagnetics
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Workshops and Short Courses in Electromagnetic Modeling and Simulation
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MEFiSTo-3D Nova™ is a 'lite' edition of MEFiSTo-3D Pro. It has the user interface and many features of Pro, but its memory size is limited to 16 MB of RAM (~160,000 cells). Nova is perfect for education and learning how to use MEFiSTo-3D Pro software.
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MEFiSTo-2D Classic™ is a basic 2D time domain field simulator for education, study, and technical training, This free software includes a book on 2D TLM theory, a 2D virtual electromagnetics laboratory, examples and tutorials. Great for students!.

MEFiSTo-2D Classic™ is Free Software!

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